It's getting exciting now. The website is being assembled, cover art and wallpapers are being finalised. We can't wait to get everything finally up and running!

Behind the scenes, working is now progressing on book three of the Moon Pool trilogy. We can't give you the title yet but, if you subscribe, you'll be the first to know!

Can we create a sustainable fishing industry? There are signs that Japan, whose passion for sushi is pushing bluefin tuna to the brink of extinction, may finally be recognising that action has to be taken as Japan's Fisheries Agency agree to drastically reduce catches of juvenile fish in the northern Pacific. Will this decision also help to protect bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean or will it simply increase the pressure on them? Read more

We've been watching Chris Packham's BBC series Inside the Animal Mind. It's amazing how quickly our understand of animal intelligence is developing. Only a few years ago it was believed that Human beings were the only animals that displayed consciousness or made and used tools or showed an ability to reason. How things have changed in the past forty years! Read more

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