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We've been watching Chris Packham's BBC series Inside the Animal Mind. It's amazing how quickly our understand of animal intelligence is developing. Only a few years ago it was believed that human beings were the only animals that displayed consciousness or made and used tools or showed an ability to reason. How things have changed in the past thirty years!

We now know that a diverse range of animals make tools. One of the most impressive is the Caledonian Crow.

Caledonian crows don't just use sticks to poke things, they give Swiss Army knives a run for their money, by sculpting a wide array of Multi-functional devices that are awe-inspiring. They understand how to make make hooks as this academic report from the Royal Society details.

And not only they make tools, they can use tools in sequence in ways that demonstrate remarkable cognitive skills.

The discovery of this remarkable ability in Caledonian crows challenges our preconceived view that only humans are tool makers.

Spinner dolphin and calf (photo: Alana Yurkanin/Marine Photobank)

A whole epsiode of this Chris Packham series looks in depth at dolphin intelligence. Very few animals recognise themselves in a mirror. No problem at all for dolphins. And that is just the start ... This series is well worth checking out.

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10th April, 2014
I saw this series. It was fantastic. Animals are so much more intelligent than people used to think.

Keisha Stone

3rd May, 2014
Shame people aren't as intelligent as they used to think. Lol.


4th May, 2014
I saw this dolphin scientist called Denise Herzing saying she thought humans and dolphins could have a conversation within five years.

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