Norway is one of a handful of nations that are still hunting whales, but for the past eight years they have killed only half their self-allocated quota of Minke whales. And it looks like the secret may be pizzas. Whale hunting in Norway appears to be slowly fading away.

'Year on year the quotas aren't being taken,' says Truis Gulowsen, president of Greenpeace Norway. 'It isn't a huge problem though. It is an activity that is on the path to extinction because consumers prefer pizzas to whale meat.' Read more

Can we create a sustainable fishing industry? There are signs that Japan, whose passion for sushi is pushing bluefin tuna to the brink of extinction, may finally be recognising that action has to be taken as Japan's Fisheries Agency agree to drastically reduce catches of juvenile fish in the northern Pacific. Will this decision also help to protect bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean or will it simply increase the pressure on them? Read more

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