Moon Pool

I’m freezing on a midnight mountain, wondering how to escape the snarling dogs and the snowmobiles. If I survive the night, I swear Rafael will wish he had never met me.

Remind me to kick myself for my big mouth. And for daring to dream. I’m angry about the future; a future of empty oceans and silent forests, a world where sea turtles and bluefin tuna, sharks, sawfish, wolves, elephants and honey bees are all extinct. Thanks to the stupidity of adults.

But it’s not the future, it’s the past that spins my life on its head.

OK, I won a competition. First prize: explain about saving the planet to a bunch of politicians in the European Parliament. Mum was really nervous about me going to Brussels, made it sound like a war zone. Like she'd ever been.

I knew it was just the old family wound opening up, worrying about me travelling alone, worrying about another Blanchard disappearing without a trace. Abductions run in families, if you listen to Mum.

In the parliament a woman hands me an envelope. Kidnapped nine years ago, presumed dead, my marine biologist father has sent me a letter. Which is weird. The woman who hands me the letter is an MEP and about to lead a vote on saving bluefin tuna from being hunted to extinction by criminal gangs in the Mediterranean. Except, once the shooting starts, the vote never happens.

Ignoring Mum, I head off across Europe to rescue Dad. With me is Rafael Santoni, a geek and gadget freak who spoke with me in the parliament. The little voice in my head tells me not to trust him, but little voices are there to be ignored, aren’t they?

The more I learn about Dad the more uneasy I become. What does he really do? Why is he in hiding? And what does his letter mean by 'a discovery that changes the world'?

A fast-paced and gripping thriller - courage, betrayal, survival and discovery. Thought provoking and unforgettable. I want to read a sample chapter


Book One - Moon Pool

Moon Pool is a thought provoking and fast-paced action thriller aimed at everyone who is curious avbout animal intelligence and passionate about protecting our amazing planet Earth, its oceans and its biodiversity.

On a fishing boat in the mother of all stroms, fifteen-year-old Sam and her sixteen-year-old fellow traveller, Rafael, find themselves swept up in a adventure more dangerous and more exhilarating than the two of them could ever have imagined.

"Moon pool is a fast-paced and action-packed thriller that will keep the reader enthralled right until the very last page." (jake buckton on Amazon)

"I really enjoyed the main female protagonist, who is feisty, yet at times realistically vulnerable and there is nothing simplistic in the way her complex relationship with her father is explored." (A E KEnt on Amazon)

"… an excellent concept; if you're at all interested in conservation, ocean conservation, ocean creatures, their intelligence and interactions with us I recommend you pick this book up … It got my heart going at times, I was impressed with the thrill of it, always moving." (eLPy on Amazon)

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